iPad Mini App Developers—Need Some Tweaks

15/06/2013 13:07

iPad Mini is devised to defeat the rival Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle at first hand but at other hand it is great opportunity for iPad Mini app developers to show their expertise for such small but larger than iPhone screen device user experiences with complex apps. The more freedom and mobility means more use cases and various use situations need to consider during UX designing therefore iPad Mini app developers have to run deep research over the usage patterns of the iPad Mini apps development.


There other factors that users will hold the iPad Mini in one hand that means there would be many limitations for the hand gestures that were available in iPad 2 and iPad 4 sitting devices on the platform/desk/legs so now users will only use fingers and thumb of one hand. Dragging and scrolling will matter more against the flipping and swiping. There are another factors that leave impacts on the iPad Mini app developers and they are battery life which is promising same the way for 10 hours usage so complex games are not prohibited in iPad Mini.


Processing power is increased so everything is rapid and good pixel densities make graphics cloying. There are stereo sound so music apps would be good choice for iPad Mini users and more room for music app developers. Smaller hardware is another concern for the iPad Mini app developers because usability scopes are changing with the size of the hardware for many kind of apps development. For usability iPad developers have to run some user testing different way than other large versions of the iPad.